SEO Copywriting: 13 Questions to Ask Before You Publish Your Content

Lately, we’ve been discussing SEO copywriting. We’ve discovered that our readers should be our first priority, seen what readers are looking for in our content, and learned how to optimize our content to make sure it’s found.

But let’s be honest—that’s a lot to keep track of. So to simplify the process, here’s a list of 13 questions (from the past two SEO copywriting posts) to ask yourself before your content goes live. They’ll ensure you’ve properly optimized for search engines and strategically written for your readers.

Writing for My Readers

Did I….

  1. Use simple sentences and short paragraphs?
  2. Add subheadings?
  3. Incorporate keywords naturally?
  4. Include visuals?
  5. Use either bullet lists or numbered lists where possible?
  6. Eliminate any jargon?
  7. Link to other reputable sources?

Optimizing for the Search Engines

Did I…

  1. Add keywords in the URL, headings & subheadings, meta, title tag, and image tags?
  2. Create a unique title tag between 55-60 characters?
  3. Create a meta description under 320 characters?
  4. Use internal links?
  5. Create unique alt tags and title tags for my images?
  6. Use categories and tags, if relevant?

Developing the Habit

Asking yourself these questions every time you write online content will help you develop the habits necessary for excellent SEO copywriting. And soon, you won’t need to make a point of going through this list every time, because you’ll do each step automatically. These habits will become second nature to you.

But until then, you do need to make a point of asking yourself these questions. To help you remember them, I created a handy SEO copywriting checklist that includes all the questions above. Just download the list and either save it to your computer or print and display it to help you remember these points as you write and optimize your content.

Interested? Then just fill out the form below, and I’ll send the checklist your way.

And in case you missed the posts leading up to this one, here are the links. These posts explain each point on the checklist in detail:

Request your complimentary checklist here to get started. Happy writing!

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13 questions about SEO copywriting to ask yourself before you publish your content online. Click the image to learn what they are.


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