3 Ridiculously Useful Podcasts for Copywriters

Copywriters are life-long students. We have to be. We’re constantly learning new clients, new industries, and new best practices for those industries.

But our learning should go even beyond that. We should be learning how other copywriters work, what lessons more experienced copywriters can pass on, and how we can make our copywriting process even better. And that’s where podcasts come in.

I’ve only recently gotten into podcasts, but once I listened to my first one, I was hooked. I began listening to them while I was exercising, driving, and doing housework. And I was amazed by how accessible copywriting training really is. No matter where you are in your copywriting journey, these podcasts will have something for you—that’s a promise.

Other copywriters have something to teach you too

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Hearing from other like-minded people’s journeys and struggles reminds you that you aren’t the only one facing difficult clients, trying to get new leads, or struggling with a certain writing problem. You aren’t the only one feeling less than confident about your new career or facing a major website overhaul.

You’re reminded that the people on the other end of your headphones faced all these challenges too (and are still facing new challenges of their own). You’re reassured that even with all the mistakes you’ve made, you’re in good company.  If they made it through, so can you.

The podcasts on this list are refreshingly real and super practical. I only recommend podcasts I actually listen to myself, so all of these reviews are from my own listening experience.

Ready to discover some stellar new podcasts to encourage you, inspire you, and give you the kick in the pants you need every once in a while?

Then let’s get started.

Warning: You may experience the undeniable urge to stop what you’re doing and take notes whenever you listen to these podcasts.

Hot Copy: A Copywriting Podcast for Copywriters

Who runs it?

Kate Toon and Belinda Weaver

What do they talk about?

These ladies keep an entertaining running dialogue about their own copywriting journeys and styles.

They discuss technical things like:

  • Website writing
  • Writing CTAs
  • Conversion copywriting

But they also discuss the life of a copywriter, with topics like:

  • Client rejections
  • Personal branding
  • Balancing your writing with your family life.

How is it ridiculously useful?

They openly express their own opinions and copywriting styles, even when they     disagree with each other—which means you get to hear two different perspectives on the same topic. They never assume that their way is the only way.

Often, they each come up with their own points to share about that week’s topic. So you get to hear multiple thoughts on the topic from two different minds.

They always review the list of strategies or ideas they covered at the end of every   episode to refresh your memory—a small point, but a valuable habit to all of us listeners.

What makes this podcast different from all the rest?

For starters, their Australian accents—I know, how very American of me to say I love hearing Australian accents. . . but I do.

These two have a knack for keeping each episode interesting. They don’t take               themselves or their work too seriously and are refreshingly honest.

For most episodes, it’s just Kate and Belinda chatting, which lets you really get to         know them better. You build a kind of connection with them. They do occasionally     spice things up by bringing in a guest, and those episodes are a lot of fun to listen to. It’s always interesting to hear another copywriter’s story and advice.

For extra fun, there’s always a charming “blooper” at the end of every episode, plus a new meme in the show notes each week.

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The Copywriter Club Podcast

Who runs it?

Kira Hug  and Rob Marsh

(Copywriters, do yourself a favor and visit Kira’s website with the link. You’ll thank me later.)

What do they talk about?

I’ve only recently begun listening to this podcast. I actually found out about it, because Kira hug was a guest on the Hot Copy Podcast! (See, another valuable reason for listening to podcasts is that you discover more incredible industry peers.)

From what I can tell so far, they regularly interview other highly-successful copywriters to hear their copywriting stories and the main takeaway’s they’ve learned from their journeys so far. One of their guests used to work for Ramit Sethi, another was a former pro basketball player, and yet another started his first business at the ripe old age of 12. As you can see—they tend to bring in very interesting people who have something unique and very valuable to say.

How is it ridiculously useful?

I’m aware that I’m repeating myself here, but they bring in such interesting and really helpful guests.

In addition, Kira and Rob really know their stuff, and they’re actually interesting to listen to—always a plus, am I right?

And personally, I enjoy hearing from both a man and a woman on the same topic, because you get to hear different viewpoints that you may have never considered       otherwise.

What makes this podcast different from all the rest?

Their episodes tend to run longer than the others in this list—they typically fall           between 45-55 minutes. I’ll let you decide for yourself whether that’s a good or bad     thing. If it seems a little long to you, you can always break it into two parts.

I must say it again—the quality of their guests. Each one has something unique to       share, and Rob and Kira excel at finding the interesting plot twists in each guest’s       story.

Once I’ve listened to this podcast a little longer, I’m sure I’ll come back with plenty more to add to their section of this post. All I can say for now is give them a shot—you’ll leave with something good.

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ProBlogger Podcast

Who runs it?

Darren Rowse, founder of ProBlogger

What does he talk about?

Most often, Darren talks about blogging—making money with your blog and blogging as a business. He covers topics such as approaching influencers, getting traffic, and affiliate marketing. Sometimes he branches out to talk about different kinds of content, such as videos or Facebook pages.

If you run a personal blog to attract leads and build your thought leadership, you’ll get a lot out of this podcast. If you aren’t into blogging for yourself but blog for other clients, this podcast can still be useful to you. If you don’t do either (though you should at least consider a blog for yourself), then this podcast may not be for you.

How is it ridiculously useful?

Out of all the podcasts I’ve listed so far, this one is the most practical. There’s no fluff. He doesn’t leave things at the strategy level—he also gives steps you can take immediately. His advice is actionable, and he gives examples to illustrate his advice.

He’s very good about addressing bloggers at all different levels. This podcast isn’t just for beginners or just for established founders. He addresses both in each podcast, giving specific advice for whichever level you’re at.

He never makes you feel dumb. Even when you’ve made a dumb mistake. Instead, he reassures you that aren’t alone in your challenges and blunders and that your mistakes don’t have to mean failure. He is encouraging, thorough, and practical. You can tell he really and truly wants to help you.

What makes this podcast different from all the rest?

Well, once again—his Australian accent. I mean, really—why is it so much easier to listen to people talk when they have an Australian accent?

And I’ll repeat myself again here—his specific, tactical advice and his examples. You leave knowing exactly what to do and exactly what not to do.

Lastly, the lengths of his episodes are all over the place. Some are 20 minutes, some are     40, and the ones that feature guests are over an hour. So, if you’re like me in that you prefer to listen to a full episode in one sitting, you’ll want to check the length before you start one.

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Wrapping up

Learning about copywriting has never been so easy. Or so free.

As Albert Einstein (the one person who could have justifiably stopped trying to learn) said:

Once you stop learning, you start dying.

These podcasts will help keep your copywriting fresh and very much alive.

One last thing: Twice a month, I send out emails with short videos and in-depth articles I’ve put together throughout the month. Occasionally, I also include special offers like giveaways or free strategy calls. These emails are yet another way to keep learning. It’s kinda like having your very own copywriting/marketing cheerleader pop in your inbox every other week with new ideas and tools to try.

If you’re interested, you can quickly sign up with this online form. I’d love for you to join!

These podcasts will help copywriters of all levels


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