Recently Published: Why You Should Focus on Your Readers Before Search Engines

Disclaimer: This is only a selection from the full article. The full article was published on JournoPortfolio on August 15, 2017.

“SEO copywriting is the balance between writing for readers and optimizing for search engines. The key to successful copywriting is prioritizing your readers over the search engines.

You can’t just focus on getting people to your site through SEO; you also need to focus on converting them once they’re there. That’s why SEO copywriting is such a delicate balance.

The whole purpose behind search engines is to help people find what they need. When you lose sight of that, you’re in danger of cheating with SEO and ultimately harming your own site.

Since search engines were created for users, your site’s copy should be too. It naturally follows that when you make your site user-friendly, it’ll automatically be more search-engine friendly too.

Doing SEO copywriting the right way does take time, but it won’t come back to bite you like taking shortcuts will. Expect to wait several months before seeing higher rankings from your efforts. The longer you produce excellent copy and follow SEO best practices, the more certain you can be that the results will come. And, just as importantly, the search engine penalties won’t.”


To learn about the three things your readers want to see in your copy, read the full article

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