You’re a Copywriter? Cool!. . . What Exactly Is That?

My childhood life goal was to be another Nancy Drew, sleuthing for answers, helping people who needed it, and finding a choice "C" when the only options given were "Terrible A" and "Not-So-Great B." Some people may have thought that was unrealistic. But I beg to differ.  As a Copywriter and Social Media Marketer, that's … Continue reading You’re a Copywriter? Cool!. . . What Exactly Is That?

Book Review of The Accident

The Accident, by Chris Pavone, has all the makings of an action-packed suspense-filled novel...when you read the synopsis. A sinister plot. An anti-hero...or a few. A choice that seems to have no promising answer. Romance. And lots of suspense. The problem is that the suspense doesn't come right away. The book takes 4 chapters of exposition … Continue reading Book Review of The Accident