Book Review of The Accident

The Accident, by Chris Pavone, has all the makings of an action-packed suspense-filled novel…when you read the synopsis. A sinister plot. An anti-hero…or a few. A choice that seems to have no promising answer. Romance. And lots of suspense.

The problem is that the suspense doesn’t come right away. The book takes 4 chapters of exposition before any real action comes into play. Understandably, every book need a couple chapters to fill in the background, introduce the characters, and plant the readers in the setting. But by chapter three, I was wondering when the story was going to pick up. If you can handle four chapters of exposition where the only suspense you’re getting is wondering where this story is going, then kudos to you. Go for it! I’m sure it gets better.

Notice I said “I’m sure,” meaning I don’t actually know. That’s because I stopped in the middle of chapter nine. Not because of a lack of action or plot (the plot was actually beginning to thicken), but because of an excess of profanity. When each chapter of a book is cluttered with needless cursing, it detracts from the book. I used the word needless on purpose. Some profanity in a book can serve a purpose. But this did not. Characters were swearing left and right, and they weren’t just saying slang words, either. For me, that lowered my impression of the book and depreciated its quality. I read through chapter nine, hoping it would clear up, but it only worsened. If this kind of thing doesn’t distract you from the story line or detract from the characters in your mind, then you should be able to make it past that.

There were a few other little clues dropped in those first nine chapters that made me certain the book would become more indecent. As a Christian, I don’t enjoy reading pointless trashy scenes that do not enhance the plot in any way. If it’s there just for the sake of being there, I will be skipping those pages, or even more likely, closing the book.

So this is my take on The Accident  Perhaps it’s not quite the review you were expecting, but it’s a review nonetheless. You can determine whether to take it or leave it. If you end up reading it, I would love to hear your thoughts on these matters!  And, hey, thanks for the read!


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