Why do we try to write our story ahead of time? Why do we attempt to peek at the next page of our lives before it has turned? For some reason, we can’t, or won’t, stay in the present.

Our desire to script our story before we arrive at that page of life is a common problem for the human race. We want to explore the endless possibilities of tomorrow. But at what price?

Consider what happens to the moment we are in when all we can think about is the next one. What do we lose from today when we are so obsessed with tomorrow? And as these “moments’ and “todays” add up, how much time will we have forfeited in our quest to anticipate the future? What memories have we missed out on making? What precious moments did we choose not to seize and enjoy? Because, in the end, our lives are made up of todays, not tomorrows.

So capture the present. Enjoy life now. Live in your reality, not your fantasy. Don’t trade the real moment you are in for your picture of a future one. And in the end, you will have lived life to the fullest—as God intended. Let tomorrow happen on its own. Today is waiting for you.


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