Facebook Beacons for Business: Growing Your Audience for Free

Lately, passive income has been all the rage. It’s supposedly easy, productive, and manageable. Wouldn’t it be nice if that could translate into passive marketing in the business world? You wouldn’t have to spend any extra time or money, but you’d still be just as productive.

Well, I have good news for you! While self-creating ads and self-mailing flyers are things of the future, self-growing Facebooks are not. No one denies the importance of digital marketing, but no one denies the time and effort it takes either.  Any business would welcome a truly time-efficient, cost-effective way to boost social media numbers and get their content in front of more people. Wouldn’t yours?

What if I told you there was a way to direct your customers straight to your Facebook page where they can check in, like the page, and see all your posts—without you saying a single word, sending a single email, or putting up a single sign? Thanks to a remarkable piece of technology called a Facebook beacon, you can do just that.

Free Business Beacons for Facebook

With a Facebook beacon in your office, anyone inside who opens Facebook on their iPhone, with both Bluetooth and location services on, will immediately see “Place Tips” about your business. These tips include things like:

  • News about your upcoming events
  • Your business reviews
  • Your page’s posts, promotions, and special offers

The Place Tips section underneath the Settings option on your Facebook page explains how to personalize what your customers will see.

You can request a free beacon from Facebook, so this experiment is easy on the budget. The beacon won’t take up much space either, since it’s smaller than an iPhone.

The process is simple:

  • Request your beacon though this Facebook link
  • Make sure your business’s Facebook page contains your address in the appropriate location
  • Open the beacon when it arrives and take the sticker off the back.

That’s all. Update your Facebook like usual, and the beacon does the rest. Yes, it’s really that easy. Talk about passive marketing!

These beacons are a great way to grow your company Facebook, promote special offers and events, and encourage reviews and check-ins. And just imagine, with such a minimal required investment, the ROI of this beacon could be phenomenal! Try it; what do you have to lose?

Thanks for reading! By the way- if you enjoyed this post, you may also like How to Nail Customer Service on Twitter


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