[Recently Published:] No Isn’t a Dirty Word

This is only a selection from the full post published on Boundless.org on May 23, 2018.

“During my junior year of college, I had many exciting opportunities come my way. Because they were all so exciting, I said yes to almost all of them. Yes to writing for the school newspaper. Yes to teaching a children’s class. Yes to working three different jobs. Yes to going out with friends. It was the busiest, craziest year of college for me. I had precious little time to myself, I became irritable and burnt out, and I began losing my battle with anxiety. Saying yes to everything stole my love for living.

The next year, I said no to more things than I said yes. Some people didn’t understand. In fact, some people tried to convince me to change my mind. But I held my ground. And that year was probably the best year of college for me.

Sure, I still had a lot going on, but I was in control of it. I was prioritizing the things that really mattered to me by choosing what I did and didn’t do. . . I passed on good opportunities, because I was pursuing better ones. . .

But if you’re like me, simply hearing the benefits of saying no doesn’t help. Because it still doesn’t feel OK to say no. So let me share three concrete truths I’ve begun to preach to myself when “no” seems like a hurtful word.”

To read why it’s ok to say “no” sometimes and to see pointers on how to say no when you feel obligated to say yes, read the full article.



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