{Recently Published:} Why SEO Copywriting Is Important for Your Readers

This is an excerpt from a post  Copywriter Collective republished with my permission. You can find the original post on my site.

“The whole purpose behind search engines is not to promote businesses but to help people find what they need. When you lose sight of that, you’re in danger of cheating with SEO and ultimately harming your own site. . .

Since search engines were created for users, your site’s copy should be too. That’s who it’s all about, after all. The interesting twist is that when you optimize your copy for your readers, it’ll naturally be optimized for search engines too.

Sure, you may have to add a couple elements (like a meta to a blog post) to make it really stand out to Google or Bing, but all the effort you put into making your site user-friendly will automatically make it search-engine friendly too.”

Read the rest of the article to learn what your readers want to see in your writing and how giving them what they want is good for your SEO too.


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