Recently Published: What Single Millennials Wish You Knew

Disclaimer: This post only contains a few sections of my article. To read the whole article, click here

“I’m a single millennial who’s experienced intense pressure to begin a relationship that I don’t want. And I’m not the only one. I frequently hear single Millennials tell stories about people in their lives pushing them towards a major life change that they aren’t ready for yet—marriage. These people’s questions and statements—sometimes innocent, sometimes pointed—threaten to lure these young adults out of God’s will.

. . . Fewer of us Millennials are concerned with getting married at the same age as generations past. Within our generation, delaying marriage until thirty is perfectly normal.

. . . But we single adults need to know that you love us and are proud of us, exactly as we are—single—and that you do not wish anything more for us, outside of what we already have.

As we try to rest in God’s beautiful plan, we need you to rest too. As we trust in His omniscient timing, we need you to also trust. When we long for the good gift of love, we need to be assured of your love and belief that we are whole and well just as we are. And if someone should indeed come waltzing into our lives, we hope that you’ll celebrate with us with all the joy you can muster!”

To see what single Millennials often interpret from the common things people say to them, read the rest of the article.

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Single Millennials


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