{Recently Published:} God’s Will for Your Life Is Not a Mystery

Disclaimer: This is only a selection from the full article. The full article was originally published on Boundless on March 5, 2018.

“Heading into college, I was terrified of choosing a major. I was scared to commit myself to one career. What if I didn’t choose the right one?

Three years later, I was terrified again — this time about marriage. What if my fiancé wasn’t really the right one?

Less than a year later, I was terrified once more — about a career choice. Should I plunge into full-time freelance writing or stick with a dependable job at a marketing company?

During these big life decisions, I wanted a concrete answer about what the right choice was. As someone who grew up in church, I regularly heard the phrase “God’s will for your life.” But it became one of those phrases you hear so often that you know how to use it, but you can’t really explain it. And I really, really needed a clear explanation.”

Read the full article to see the surprising truths I learned about God’s will.


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