5 Creative Valentine’s Gifts for the Sentimental Heart

The day of love is less than a week away, and people are asking themselves what they should get for their husband, wife, boyfriend, or even friend. Long gone are the days when a corny poem and a bouquet of flowers sufficed. Today, people want more meaningful gifts. And they’re often shopping for more people than just a significant other. This holiday has become a day to celebrate with friends, siblings, roommates, and co-workers too. In fact, 19% of people actually give Valentine’s gifts to their pets.

So rather than giving the stereotypical box of chocolates, give your husband, friend, or whoever else is on your list a gift that says “I really was thinking about you.”

Ranging from the grand to the simple and sweet, these 5 creative gifts will back up the thoughtful, caring words you write in your Valentine’s cards this year.

1. InkCards 


InkCard from a friend

Speaking of cards, take a fresh approach to a classic tradition with this easy-to-use app. Choose from their dozens of classy, modern designs online, personalize your choice with a picture (or a few) of you and the lucky recipient, then add your message. For such a stunning card, the price is surprisingly low. A postcard-style one costs you $2 (including postage), while a sturdier card enclosed in an embossed envelope costs $5. Design the card, enter the recipient’s address, and send it on its merry way without ever leaving your couch.

Disclaimer: It may take up to a week to arrive.

2. Progressive Dinner Date

Take the traditional dinner out on the town up a notch with this fun outing. While this gift is really a date, its unique nature makes it more of a creative experience, which—when combined with a card and/or flowers—is as good a gift as any. Choose 3 or so restaurants to visit—one for appetizers, one for salad/soup or a main course, and one for dessert.

Since eating out is a common activity on Valentine’s Day, ensure you get a table by making reservations for any nicer places you plan to visit. Hint: Restaurant searches are highest the day before Valentine’s, so reserve your spot earlier.

Make this an even more sentimental Valentine’s date by giving each stop a “theme.” At one restaurant, reread your old love letters, reminisce, and reflect on how your relationship has grown. At another, think about the future—discuss your goals, dreams, even fears. Another stop could be all about the qualities you love about the other person. You get the idea.

3.  Why I Love You Notes

This gift is perfect for romantic relationships and not-so-romantic ones too. Surprise your husband or friend with an array of reasons for why you love and appreciate them. Grab some Post-it notes and write one reason on each, then place them where they’re sure to be seen. Perhaps all over the bedroom door, scattered across their car, or arranged in a heart on their mirror. Everyone loves a surprise, and this one will warm their heart with your love.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Once more, this is an experience gift. . . for good reason. Only 4% of women think flowers alone are a sufficient way to express love, and 39% of people (not just women!) prefer the gift of an experience. A scavenger hunt will not only provide a fun experience for both of you, but it will also lead to something good. A special gift, a spa, a picnic, a restaurant….the list goes on.

You get to determine the scope of this one. Keep it all inside your house or make them drive to find the clues. Print pre-made clues, find creative ways to word your own, or make each item a task they must perform or object they must either bring back or photograph. Preparing the hunt can be as time-intensive or as low-maintenance as you want it to be.

5.  Personalized Game 

If you’re the kind of people who enjoy a good game, this one’s for you. Buy a deck of cards, label the first one “52 Things I Love about You” or something to that effect, then list one thing on each following card. You can use a pre-made template or make them your own way. My husband (boyfriend at the time) made these for me, and I absolutely loved them! At times, I would flip through them just to read the notes, because they were so thoughtful and personal.

If you’re game for a weekend project (pun intended), you could make a custom Monopoly game.  With custom pictures, expenses related to your real lives, and humorous names for board spaces, this gift will be a delight to play! But be forewarned, making this gift may take as much time, if not more, as playing it will.

You can borrow as many items from an old Monopoly game as you want and make the rest. Find an online tutorial that will walk you through how to make it and offer you templates, but remember that you don’t have to make it the exact way they did. Also, you can always add the finishing touches (like laminate) after giving it, should you run out of time.

For a simpler alternative, buy a customizable Monopoly game from Amazon. You could finish the design before gifting it, or the two of you could make it together. Disclaimer: According to reviews, the included software only works with PCs.

Other ideas for games to personalize include: Trivia, Guess Who, and Scrabble.

Have you tried any of these these ideas before? Or do you have an idea for a creative Valentine’s gift yourself? If so, comment below. I’d love to hear!


Thanks for reading! By the way – if you enjoyed this post, you may also like DIY Gifts for Long-Distance Relationships.


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