3 Ways to Bring Autumn into Your Home

Ah, it’s here again – the flaming foliage and crisp air of Fall. But all that beauty doesn’t have to stay outside. Here are three ways to incorporate Autumn’s bright freshness and bold color into your home.

1) Autumn Scents

Who doesn’t enjoy walking into a house that smells delightful? For a temporary but very aromatic scent, throw together a quick Autumn Potpourri to simmer on your stove. If you don’t have cinnamon sticks, ground cinnamon works just fine. A simpler option is taking advantage of Bath and Body Works’ many deals during the holiday season and buying an Autumn-scented candle. Their wallflowers are even easier to use – you never need to light them, and they work around the clock to keep your house smelling like Fall. My husband loves smelling their Pumpkin Pecan Waffle fragrance when he comes home each day.

2) Autumn Decorations


Bring the beauty of Fall into your house with simple decorations like garlands of red and orange leaves, Fall kitchen towels, and, of course, pumpkins. My local dollar store had foam pumpkins for the price of– you guessed it – one dollar, and with some mod podge and gold glitter, they beautifully transformed into sparkly centerpieces.

Another simple decoration involves filling a vase with water and artificial leaves and, for a special (but optional) touch, placing a floating candle on top.

3) Autumn Food and Drink

My family always reserved certain special treats for certain seasons of the year—perhaps img_3203that’s why we considered them special. The main recipe we saved for Fall was pumpkin bread. This bread is delicious served warm with Cool Whip on top.

Of course, Fall wouldn’t be complete without a mug of hot cider. With this crock pot cider recipe, your house will smell amazing in no time!


And if you’re looking for a tasty, sugary treat to go with that cider, elephant ear bread is the perfect solution. The smell alone of this cinnamon-dusted confection fresh from the oven made me want to devour the whole dish. It’s great served with cider or milk.
Know any other great ways to add a Fall touch to your home? Be sure to share it with rest of us!


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