Customizable Bedside Lamps

One of my favorite things about married life is that I can finally bring my DIY interior decorating Pinterest board to life! Even though DIY-ing can be time intensive and even frustrating at times for a perfectionist like me, the feeling of accomplishment at the end and the pride you have in your work is totally worth it.

After settling in to our new home, my husband and I realized we both needed bedside lamps, and we wanted them to match. Our only requirements were that they not be super small, look relatively modern, and match our color scheme – dark purple and gray. Since we already had so much gray in the room, I really wanted the lamps to have a lot of purple, but, man, purple lamps are hard to find! Thankfully, there was another semi-DIY option: customizable lamp bases.

The Materials 

I discovered Target sells clear base lamps that are fillable – meaning you can make the colors and theme anything you want! My mind immediately began spinning with all the possibilities.

I bought the lamp bases, as well as gray lamp shades for them. Each item was $20, which made each lamp $40 total. Not a terrible price for a decent sized lamp, especially when you have gift cards like we did!

Next we headed to Jo-Ann’s Fabric and bought two boxes of pine cones, two small bags of purple and clear pebbles, and a can of purple metallic spray paint. (Turns out we only needed one box’s worth of cones but having two made it easier to find the right size of pine cone, since not all the sizes fit into the lamp.)


The Process

After several coats of spray paint, the cones were a beautiful purple. It’s rather hard to see the color in pictures, but trust me, it is beautiful!


I dumped the pebbles in first and then strategically placed the cones in to fill the width as much as possible, opting not to fill it all the way to the top.

My husband loved it.

I’m already thinking about a Christmas variation! Maybe purple ornaments and silver jingle bells?

Thanks for reading! By the way – if you liked this post, you may also like DIY Gifts for Long-Distance Relationships.


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